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About OneDeeds

OneDeeds started as a small social impact project in 2018. Two friends had a vision to make the world a better place “one good deed at a time.” This project exposed us to the world of crowdfunding and online donations. In the summer of 2019, while assisting on a volunteer project for doctors in Africa, we discovered a major gap regarding the cash donations that were being sent. There was no clear way of knowing exactly how the monetary donations were being used, or even how much of the money was received.

It was this lack of transparency in fundraising that sparked the idea of OneDeeds. We created this platform so anyone with a cause can request items they need, as well as giving them the opportunity to build a relationship with their donor.

We believe that each cause has a story to share and that every donor wants to see how their donations are making a difference. Our mission is to revolutionize the way donations are made and received by providing a simple way to give with full transparency.

The OneDeeds Difference

Onedeeds is the leading product-based crowdfunding platform that allows users to choose products from a wishlist created by a person or organization and donate to a cause. We are the first platform that answers the three biggest concerns donors have: transparency, personal experience, and immediate impact.


As a donor: You choose how your money is spent and utilized. You no longer have to question how the money is being used and how much of it actually goes to the cause.

As a cause: You get exactly what you need, not a portion of it.

Personal Experience

Read the stories, understand the needs, and choose the products that you want to donate to help the cause. Your recipient has the ability to take pictures or video to show you how your donation is making an impact.

Immediate Impact

Your donations are received in as little as 24 hours to be used by your recipient right away.

How to get started

Step 1
Sign up and create your profile
Sign up and create your profile
Step 2
Select products to add to your wish list
Select products to add to your wish list
Step 3
Share your profile
Share your profile
Step 4
Stay in touch with your donor
Stay in touch with your donor


We connect to a wide variety of global, national, and local retailers to provide the most extensive inventory of products to meet the needs of any cause. All prices include any applicable shipping, tax, and operation fees to keep pricing simple and straightforward.

Meet our team


9 Years of experience building online Marketing Platforms Executive International MBA - Kellogg-Recanati. Northwestern University.


Experienced Product Manager, leading and executing numerous B2B and B2C products. Co-founded & sold Trip Top Technologies MBA Ben-Gurion University.


Former VP R&D at GeoEdge and CEO at Doctor Mailer with vast experience in SAAS development.