About Us

We’re givers. Making the world a more giving, charitable place.

Our story:

In 2018, OneDeeds was built as a digital do-good community. It was one project in particular that exposed us to the world of crowdfunding and donation-based giving. When helping doctors raise funds for patients in Africa, we realized just how broken current solutions are, and how in need the world is of a better platform.

We believe that every cause is a worthy one. Rather than raising money, we want to help people with physical items that will come in handy from the minute they get it. OneDeeds aims to revolutionize the way people give and get donations. With OneDeeds, all your donations are completely transparent. It’s a simple and straightforward way to give to the causes you want to support. Plus, the person behind the cause receives 100% of your donation – we don’t take any fees whatsoever.

Why do givers choose OneDeeds?

  • Choose your impact based on a personal story
  • Have a direct connection with the person behind the cause
  • Ensure your donation is used for its intended purpose
  • Verify that your donation was received
  • Get recognition for the impact you made

So next time you want to make a difference, do so in a way that really helps the cause. Are you on the other side of the story and have a cause you want help with? No need to hassle with a complicated crowdfunding campaign or ask for money. Ask for help the easy way and request even the smallest items – we know, everything helps!