About Us

Our story:

OneDeeds started as a small social impact project in 2018. Two friends had a vision to make the world a better place “one good deed at a time.” It was this project that exposed us to the world of crowdfunding and online donations. In the summer of 2019, while assisting on a volunteer project for doctors in Africa, we discovered a major gap regarding the donations that were being sent. There was no clear way of knowing exactly how the donations were being used, or even how much of that donation was finally received. It was this lack of transparency in fundraising that sparked the idea of OneDeeds. We created this platform, to allow anyone with a cause the ability to request any item (large or small) they need. While also making it a place to build relationships between the donor and the cause.

We believe that each cause has a story to share and that every donor wants to see the way their donations are making a difference. Our mission is to revolutionize the way donations are made and received. By providing a simple and straightforward way to give with full transparency.

Why do donors choose OneDeeds?

  • Choose your impact based on personal stories
  • Have a direct connection with the people behind the cause
  • Ensure your donation is used for its intended purpose
  • Verify that your donation was received
  • Get recognition for the impact you made