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How OneDeeds Makes A Difference

Make an impact as a donor

Do you ever wonder how your donations are being used? Or how many people you’re helping directly, and how you’re impacting their lives. Ever wonder who you’re helping – not just the cause, but the actual recipients. How much actually gets to the people who need it most?

  • Choose your impact based on a personal story
  • Have a direct connection to the person you're helping
  • 100% of your donation will be received – without any fees
  • Ensure your donation was used for its intended purpose
  • Verify that your donations were received
  • Get recognition for the impact you made
  • Increase your trust in donation fundraising
  • No money donations – give something that’s needed immediately

Make 100% sure your donations are reaching those that need them the most. See how many people you’re helping directly, and how you’re impacting their lives. Now you can be familiar with not just the cause, but the actual recipients of your donations. Get to know them and their stories, and ensure they’re getting what they need most.

Fulfill your needs as a Fundraiser

Do you urgently require donations, but just don’t know where to turn?

  • Real-time donations (received in up to 24h)
  • Anyone can ask for anything
  • Access a large pool of donors
  • No fees – you get 100% of the donations
  • Request what you most urgently need
  • The opportunity to tell your story
  • The donation comes to you – no hassle
  • Easy and simple to ask for help
  • Request even the smallest things
  • No need for a crowdfunding campaign
  • No need to ask for money

How It works

For donors

  1. Search for someone looking for help – on the site or via a personal story shared on any social media platform
  2. Read about the person’s – or organization’s – story, and see the donation wish list
  3. Check out the product you’d like to donate, and it will be shipped to the recipient

For fundraisers

  1. Create a page on OneDeeds and tell your story
  2. Search our platform for the products you need (it’s like searching on Amazon)
  3. Add the required sizes and quantity
  4. Easily share your story anywhere
  5. The donation will be shipped to you
  6. You can send a thank-you note to the donor

Give real people real products